From Capitalism to Ecotopia: A Successionist Manifesto

mit Prof. Dr. Ernest Callenbach, Berkeley


For many today, the vision of an ecologically sustainable and socially congenial future is compelling. However, such a transformation seems unattainable as long as consumerist capitalism continues to destroy its own planetary support systems. An Ecotopian future would utilize technological innovations in renewable energy, compact city design, manufacturing, and transportation. But that future would also require social innovations. When we take an ecological view of such changes, we see that the emergence of new ideas and practices echo the biological process of succession: modest but innumerable “weeds” begin to flourish on our disturbed planet, slowly creating the conditions for a future healthy world. Ernest Callenbach wrote the world-renowned classic novel “Ecotopia”. He lives in Berkeley, California, and lectures all over the world.


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut in Tübingen, dem US-Generalkonsulat Frankfurt, der Stadt Tübingen und der Universität Tübingen.


Do, 19. November, 20.15 Uhr 

Audimax, Neue Aula, Tübingen


Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.